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Monster Girl Garden community

Raise, battle, and breed monster girls in this lewd erotic adult hentai game! Action adventure & sexy scenes!

Recent updates

Change Log; Version 0.14 -> 0.14.5
New Content - Player Animations; Idle, Walk, Run, Idle Sit, Idle Lean - Final Player Rig, Weights Painted Properly Big Changes: - Arena is Operational again! -...
Change Log; Version 0.12 -> 0.13
New Content: -Neko Final Female Model -Neko Final Male Model -Neko Final Futanari Model -Neko Voices added; Nekos moan now when doing anything sexual. Only fema...
MGG Change Log: v0.11 -> v0.12
New Content: -Final Player Model in! (Note that the animations are distorted, most of them will need to be remade) -Neko Model Progress (Not yet in game): Vagi...
3 files
MGG Change Log: v0.11 -> v0.11.5
Updating Patron Versions to 0.11.5 Due to the amount of work going into the new models, there isn't as much content for the newest version. Therefore; I'm push...
4 files
MGG Change Log: v0.10 -> v0.11
Update is live today for patrons, new versions will be uploaded for free to Itch in a couple of days. New Content: -New Monster; Arachne (demo) -New Character...
4 files
MGG Change Log: v0.9 -> v0.10 (zero point ten)
New Content: -New Monster; Direwolf -Sounds and Visual FX added to Gameplay -Monstergirls react to interactions with emotes Big Changes: -Visual and sound FX (u...
Quick patch to 0.9
Was alerted to an error which caused the ax to stop working when targeting certain items. Fixed up the loop, should work fine now. Patching tonight.
MGG Change Log: v0.8 -> v0.9
New Content: -New Monster; Lesser Succubus -Completely new secret character for patrons, use the provided password at the post office to obtain her -Added Trees...
2 files

Monster Girl Garden itch Community


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