MGG Change Log: v0.6 -> v0.7

Content Added:

-Alternate costume for Elf for patrons
-Harpy colours coded! Blue harpies will stay blue, new harpies will pick 1 of 6 colours
-All other species currently set random colours

Small Changes/Fixes:
-Fixed a glitch where monsters could be engaged in combat while busy
-Fixed a glitch which prevented Harpies, Lamia, and Evles from dropping their sexual material after fucking
-Added item descriptions to the item menu

Big Changes/Fixes:
-Player mode added! Player can walk around, target monsters, and fuck them. This mode is experimental, expect some glitches. Toggle this mode with C
-Player mode, player can select tools, displays correct tool and material
-Player mode, POV aimable cumshot
-Players can now sell their monsters at the Harem
-Added new information to main menu

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Aug 16, 2017 113 MB
Aug 16, 2017

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