MGG Change Log: v0.3 -> v0.5

MGG Change Log: v0.3 -> v0.5

Content Added:
-New monster, Harpy!
-New monster, Lamia!
-New tile, Sand! Submerge a tile for 2 days to create a sand tile.
-New trees, maple and cactus.
-New items, Harpy Cum, Snake Oil, Cactus Pear, Fence Piece
-Added gender data, still need to add male character models and animations but the coding is now in
-Trainer information added to Info screen, shows how many of each species have visited, etc
-Fences can now be purchased from the shop and placed to section off areas of your garden

Small Changes/Fixes:
-Visitors now save and load with residents, currently they do not save their completed resident requirements; this is the next step
-Visitors no longer generate loyalty
-Sex engagements after fighting will now check to make sure EN is high enough to fuck
-"Tiles" under river removed from game, old files will still load these over the "river" but new files will no longer spawn these tiles
-Fixed a lot of errors and dead ends which caused monsters to stop spawning or spawn very infrequently
-Increased frequency of visitor spawn
-Fixed an error which caused the final item sold from a stack to return no money
-Tweaked the reproduction system so that only sensible combinations will produce offspring (i.e. must be same species, except slime, must not be both male or both female)
-Harpy visit requirements tweaked to include "Daytime"
-Text Render displays the name of item hovered before picking up
-Battle Arena menu now displays monsters names, instead of species and level
-MP system works now, may need some tweaks, but monsters should require the correct MP to use a skill if its cost is greater than 0, and should slowly regenerate MP over time
-Tweaked gender spawning frequency to: Female 50% / Male 41.6% / Futa 8.4%, this will probably change again in the future
-Fences can be destroyed with the axe
-Fixed a few difficulties with buying land
-Offspring will only be created if neither parent is a visitor
-Added a sound which plays when a monster enters your garden
-Neko visit/resident requirements are now 15/30
-Fixed an error where monsters could fall into the river
-Monsters who get trapped outside the garden (still not sure how this happens) can now phase back through fences to return

Big Changes/Fixes:
-Time Dilation added; speed or Slow time in your garden! (For all patrons until August, then Ruby only)
-Directly issue commands to your monster!
-Tweaked the way monsters look for sexual mates, chance to masturbate increased
-Flowers spawn again, and save now! Placed fences also now save their positions
-Once a day certain tiles will have a chance to generate clutter, such as grass or flowers, right now this only affects the sand tile, which has a 5% chance to grow a cactus every day at noon (assuming the tile is not still submerged)
-Added two combat states, Haste and Poisoned
-Reconfigured the controls, should be much smoother now; removed alternate use key, added tool Hoe for clearing land, shovel is now only for digging and planting
-Items used will now stay in use until the quantity is zero or you put them away or take out another item or tool

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Jun 25, 2017

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