MGG Change Log: v0.11 -> v0.11.5

Updating Patron  Versions to 0.11.5

Due to the amount of work going into the new models, there isn't as much content for the newest version. Therefore; I'm pushing the official release of 0.12 off until February 18th. This means 0.11 will not be released to the public until the same date. Sorry for the delay and thanks for understanding.

New Content: 

-Neko Model Progress (Not yet in game): Vagina and Asshole blendshapes

-Finished Item Icons:  Apple, Apple seed, Bluebell seed, Bronze bar, Catmint seed, Copper ore, Fireflower seed, Gold bar, Gold ore, Moonstone, Orange, Orange seed, Peach, Peach pit, Ruby bar, Ruby ore, Shady seed, Silver bar, Silver ore, Sunflower seed

Small Changes/Fixes:

-Slime shading mode changed back to opaque for now - looking for better translucent method

-Added blocking volumes around the garden and to the beach to stop falling over the edge

-Fix glitch: Item menu not refreshing properly in Player mode

-Fix glitch: Shop not displaying sell icons sometimes

-Fix glitch: monsters sometimes lose focus on their partner during sex, causing mating stats and other things to not record properly 

-Fix glitch: battle FX sometimes remain after combat 

Big Changes: 

-Player can now pick up and view items while in Player Mode

-Tweaked when monsters begin looking for food, should occur only above a certain Hunger value now (25)

-Tweaked when monsters begin trying to masturbate, should only occur automatically above a certain Lust value now (50) 

Files 314 MB
Dec 23, 2017 370 MB
Dec 23, 2017 421 MB
Dec 23, 2017 421 MB
Dec 23, 2017

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