MGG Change Log: v0.10 -> v0.11

Update is live today for patrons, new versions will be uploaded for free to Itch in a couple of days.

New Content:
-New Monster; Arachne (demo)
-New Character; Alraune
-New Locations; Forest, Quarry, Beach
-New Texture; Night Elf (patrons only)
-New Quest; Shady Seed

Small Changes/Fixes:
-Slime Girl material includes opacity now, appears slimier
-Fix glitch, dropped items do not always execute their intended functions (change texture, heal, etc)
-Fix glitch, UI displayed monster information incorrectly in player mode

Big Changes:
-Attack affects pregnancy chance 
-Wisdom affects pass stats chance, and MP regen rate 
-Speed decreases how long sex and masturbation takes, and increases chance to dodge in combat 
-Skill increases number of materials produced from sex, and chance to hit 
-Charisma decreases the chance to be rejected from a sexual advance
-Defense decreases the chance to be engaged in combat
-Charisma, Skill, and Wisdom increase when leveling up, 1-3 points depending on Species and Stat

Files 307 MB
Nov 20, 2017 363 MB
Nov 20, 2017 284 MB
Nov 21, 2017 339 MB
Nov 21, 2017

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not sure if you read comments here but the arena glitch is still here. where it seems to switch back to the non character mode and falls through the floor after a arena fight. with a copy of the Character still being at the entrance to the arena. Tried to reenter the arena and it crashed the game.

The Arena admittedly fell to the back burner for a long time, however it is now up and running again in version 0.15.