MGG Change Log: v0.9 -> v0.10 (zero point ten)

New Content:

-New Monster; Direwolf
-Sounds and Visual FX added to Gameplay
-Monstergirls react to interactions with emotes

Big Changes:
-Visual and sound FX (use item, combine item, pick up item, eat item, tool use)
-Add Skill, Charisma, and Wisdom to the game
-Speed stat now effects how fast monsters move, in the garden and Arena alike
-UI Updated, more information, clearer display

Small Changes/Fixes:
-Newly grown trees stagger fruit growth, should prevent trees from dropping 3 at once all the time
-Tweaked growth rates, nutritional value, and decay rates of edible items
-Items show Decay % when hovered over. Decayed items are destroyed, there are a few examples where a lesser item will be dropped (I.E. HP Potion decays, Red Slime Gel is dropped)
-Items now show nutritional value. As they decay the % is removed from the items total nutrition. Nutrition has a direct 1-1 effect on hunger when consumed
-Lesser Succubus now appears under the proper conditions
-Removed motion blur
-Fix glitch, when instructed to fuck, sometimes monsters masturbate instead
-Fix glitch, monster stat passing did not always pass the correct numbers
-Fix glitch, placing fences was displaying incorrect mesh
-Fix glitch, switching between items and decorations did not always display the proper mesh, or remove the old one
-Fix glitch, finally fixed the Slime Cum Fountain glitch - this was due to demo item Potions in the shop decaying, and not knowing where to drop the resulting cum

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