MGG Change Log: v0.8 -> v0.9

New Content:

-New Monster; Lesser Succubus
-Completely new secret character for patrons, use the provided password at the post office to obtain her
-Added Trees; Apple Tree, Orange Tree, Peach Tree
-Added Flowers; Blue Bell, Fire Flower, Sunflower, Catmint 
-Added Items; Apple, Apple Seed, Orange, Orange Seed, Peach, Peach Pit, Blue Bell Seed, Fire Flower Seed, Sunflower Seed, Catmint Seed, Stone Fence, Stone Gate, SHADY SEED* 

Small Changes/Fixes:
-Reconfigured rename entry controls for PC to be less buggy, no longer having to double tap enter or escape to commit/cancel
-Added zoom control to player mode 
-HUD displays Time Dilation speed if fast or slow, but fade at normal speed (only relevant for Ruby Trainers)
-Added Quality Settings to the Pause Menu
-Inventory displays current and max items
-Prevent player from switching to God mode while fucking a monster
-New SFX sound at night
-Changed the amount of XP gained from fights. The math now includes more factors and gives more XP as a reward
-Penises only erect when owner is aroused (Lust stat)
-Added Torches and Gates to save system, Gates also now save their open/closed state
-Fixed swapping between Items, Decorations, and Grass Bags, and ensure all items disappear properly when cancel is pressed 
-Fixed a glitch where breast size was not always displaying correctly, and the wrong texture would display on the monster's penis
-Fixed a glitch where Harpies only count Oak Trees to reside
-Fixed a glitch where decorations can be placed on top of one another
-Fixed a glitch where Elves and Lesser Succubus can continue to spawn visitors, even if 2 are already in the garden
-Fixed a glitch preventing Lesser Succubus from leaving the garden 
-Fixed a glitch where trees can be planted inside of one another 
-Fixed a glitch causing the Menu to only open after 2 button presses when returning from Town
-Fixed a glitch which makes Maple trees indestructible
-Fixed a glitch which causes the new trees to prevent the game from properly counting garden details
-Fixed a glitch preventing monsters from passing through open gates
-Fixed a glitch causing a random fountain of Slime Gel in the center of gardens (would usually occur after 24 in game hours, without fail)
-Fixed a glitch preventing stats from passing after sex

Big Changes:
-Prevent item pickup when Inventory is full
-Town is now a 3D space, shops are open from 8am-8pm, except the Harem which remains open 24/7. Menu select "Go To Town" to enter player mode and teleport to the village. To leave return to the entrance path
-Add Workshop to the town, remove fences from shop 

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Sep 24, 2017

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the town for the most part is OK.

however options for quick travel or a paused menu to visit for the store, lords manor and arena would be nice. mainly because while walking to the arena the monster you want to fight will start doing actions that prevent you from using them. plus it is a long walk to the lords manor and arena.

major glitch with the arena currently, after a fight the player falls through the floor and has a sort of loop falling. pressing c returns you to the town entrance  but on returning to the arena i see copies of the player copying how you entered the arena activation circle. after a few times of this it gets very difficult to enter the arena because  the copies are solid.