MGG Change Log: v0.7 -> v0.8

New Content:
-Nude textures added to game, accessible by patrons
-DNA system complete! Monsters will pass down their randomized appearances to child monsters
-New hair styles, new faces, new colour combinations
-New Masturbation and Player Sex Animations
-New items; Copper ore, Silver ore, Gold ore, Ruby ore, Bronze Bar, Silver Bar, Gold Bar, Refined Ruby
-Town has been added as a 3D space

Small Changes/Fixes:
-Fixed a glitch which caused monsters to sometimes have the wrong name, and stats to record improperly
-Added a futanari penis with no balls
-Fullscreen/Windowed mode is experimental at this point, hopefully fixed an error which caused borderless windowed mode to engage
-Added a run to Player Mode (Shift)
-Fixed a glitch where monsters would slip away or begin masturbating while getting fucked by the player

Big Changes/Fixes:
-Fixed an error causing multiple call stack crashes in gardens with a LOT of monsters
-Breast and Dick sizes implemented
-Players can now buy monsters at the Harem

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Sep 16, 2017 172 MB
Sep 16, 2017

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